ALUMNI Partners law firm

Positioning, Slogan, Website
ALUMNI Partners law firm

In March 2022 a local office of a leading international legal firm transformed itself into a separate law firm called ALUMNI Partners. The new company urgently needed a slogan that would distinguish it from the competition and communicate a high level of professionalism and its values, as well as lead its website.

While studying customer feedback on the work of the firm's partners, we noticed that the clients especially often noted the high professionalism and customer centricity of the partners that give a feeling of dependability.

That inspired us to create a slogan associated with a famous saying of Archimedes "Give me a place to stand on and I will move the Earth". This quote greets the user on the website loading screen.

On the front screen, the user sees the slogan itself: A new standing point. Thus, the very first seconds of interaction with the website communicate the user a micro-story and a statement of the company's positioning: an organization that can be relied upon for clients who work on large-scale projects. The whole project took a week from the first meeting to the delivery.